Ceremonies of the Moons

Come join us as we connect deeply with the natural world and with our inner wisdom.
Join us virtually or in real life (IRL) as we journey through the cycles of connection. 
Intuitive Healer  

Gulia Huertas

Lifestyle Designer 

Nicole Harry

A Stargate opens each new moon. The energy of each Stargate is a virtue, a key. The energy of each virtue builds to its height on the full moon and completes just before the next new moon.  Each year is the possibility of your ascension (clean up your act, purify) through 13 virtues. Join us during each Moon, in Ceremony with the stars, as we will pray and meditate to help raise the vibration for the benefit of all (Stones, Plants, Trees, Humans, Earth).

Matured through 12 Virtues tied to the 13th the- Center Pole, heart! 
Purification, healing, renewal, wisdom, enlightenment, knowledge, purity, innocence, truth, introspection, silence, reference, and love.

With so many of us now living in cities, it is easy for us to disconnect from the rhythms of Nature and lose contact with the riches available to us. By being in touch with the cycles of the Moon we can connect deeply with the natural world, and with our inner wisdom. Observing moon days is one way to recognize and honor the rhythms of nature so we can live in greater harmony with it. Join us by looking at the Moon, going outside, and allowing her silvery light to rain on your body. We invite you to join us in being aware of the Moon, watching her phases, and meditating with us as she waxes and wanes.
Please join us for Ritual, Education, Meditation, and a time for each of us to share whatever spirit tells us to. As women, we need to mourn the rhythms of life together. If there is something on your mind and you need someone to listen, please join us in our first virtual Full Moon meditation.

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